About Us

About Us

Mud Technology International, Inc. has been providing equipment and parts for horizontal directional drilling, water well, oil field, mining and geothermal industries for many years. Most recently our equipment has become a vital part of the water well industry and our customers have been amazed at the time and money they have saved using a mud recycling system. There is no job too small or too big, we have an array of units that will fit most applications.

The Mud Technology "team" has combined experience of over 60 years in the field of pumping, handling, moving, cleaning and mixing drill fluids around the globe. With an eye on the future and environmental concerns, Mud Technology International continues to tailor equipment that allows our customers the ability to complete their bores and keep the drilling location “clean” at an affordable price.

The drill fluid mixing and cleaning systems designed and manufactured by Mud Technology are self-contained, quiet, efficient and most of all, reliable. I feel we offer the best systems on the market today and have gained the trust and respect of independent drilling contractors, major oil companies and governmental entities around the world.

Mud Technology International equipment has shipped to almost every continent around the globe in almost every drilling application imaginable and environment. From the Amazon rainforest, desert conditions in Egypt and Africa, to extreme Arctic conditions, Mud Technology International equipment has proven to be dependable.

We have complete Triplex or centrifugal packages, to mixing units and cleaning units. Equipment is available for sale or rental with "try it before you buy it" rental program.  All new equipment purchases are backed by a full one (1) year limited warranty. Purchase or rent our equipment and become part of the Mud Technology "family", gaining access to a team of experienced technical support and customer service professionals. Mud Technology International will work to earn your trust, then your business.